Mr Lender’s advice for living on a budget – #3

Watching your cash flow month can help you towards those saving goals.

Watching your cash flow month can help you towards those saving goals.

We all know that one of the biggest sources of our outgoings is food/drink and ultimately, food/drink wastage.

According to Love Food, Hate Waste, as a nation, we waste around 7 million tonnes of food and drink per year.

Love Food, Hate Waste claim that ‘…wasting this food costs the average household £470 a year, rising to £700 for a family with children, the equivalent of around £60 a month…’

Here are some of our tips for helping you to cut down on your costs when it comes to food.

Research recipes online.

Some of our favourite websites have entire sections dedicated to cooking on a budget. We recommend doing some research on google and bookmarking them.

Batch Cooking.

Cooking one pot recipes from scratch and then freezing them, will mean that you save money by cooking something new every single day. Plan in advance what you want to cook, and stick to that plan: if you cook enough batch meals, you won’t run into the danger of too much repetition either.

Fresh bread.

Baking fresh bread can save you money and tastes great.

Get Baking!

Baking your bread or treats like cakes and biscuits not only saves money but will ensure that you can keep a watchful eye on everything that goes into your food. Get your family involved and cook together too!

Get inventive with your recipes too! We’d love to hear some of your money saving advice when it comes to food!

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